“Jika anak Adam meninggal, maka amalnya terputus kecuali dari tiga perkara, sedekah jariyah (wakaf), ilmu yang bermanfaat, dan anak shaleh yang berdoa kepadanya.” (HR Muslim).

Download File Listening MP3 Soal UN SMA 2014

Download File Listening MP3 Soal UN SMA 2014

Untuk download file audio listening (MP3) soal UN Ujian Nasional tahun ajaran 2014, silahkan klik link Download soal UN SMA bahasa Inggris 2014 pdf + Audio Listening Mp3

Short Functional Text Advertisement dan Jawaban

Short Functional Text Advertisement dan Jawaban

This new and unusual building in the downtown business district offers unique opportunities for small to mid-sized tenants to occupy an entire floor
from 1,600 to 6,000 square feet are available for immediate occupancy.

Commuting is easy, with the subway stop only one block away. It's convenient to shops, restaurants, hotels, and business services.

For leasing information

1. What is this advertisement about?
A. A new office building.
B. Office suites to rent.
C. The unusual building downtown.
D. Office suites to sell.
E. A building in the business district.

2. The good point about the office suits is ....
A. furnished
B. available in one type size
C. far from public places
D. several blocks away from subway stop
E. easy to reach for commuters

Source: Soal UN (Ujian Nasional) 2014

Contoh Soal Short Functional Text Letter Jawaban

Complaint Letter from Business to Business

This text is for questions 1 and 2.
Dear Mr. Thompson,

I recently received a letter from Mr. Robinson, a valued customer of ours. He purchased an Italian coffee table and four French dining room chairs from us which your company delivered to his residence. 
He has written a complaint that the purchases arrived damaged. We pride ourselves in the quality of our product and would like an explanation as to how this mishap occurred. Even though the items are insured, our reputation is at stake. 
I would be most grateful if you would reply as soon as possible so that this matter can be resolved to everyone' s satisfaction. 

Jackie Middleton
Customer Services Manager 

1. What is the customer complaining about in his letter?
A. Late delivery of the purchasing goods.
B. The damaged purchased goods.
C. Cancellation of the delivery.
D. High price of the furniture.
E. Low quality of the Product.

2 . Who is Mr. Thompson?
A. A Valued Customer.
B. Delivery Service Manager.
C. Customer Service Manager.
D. Jackie Middleton's boss.
E. Mr. Robinson's employee.

Source: Soal UN (Ujian Nasional) tahun 2014

Download soal UN SMA bahasa Inggris 2014 pdf + Audio Listening Mp3

Download soal UN SMA bahasa Inggris 2014 pdf + Audio Listening Mp3

Berikut kami bagikan download soal UN SMA bahasa Inggris 2014 pdf + Audio Listening Mp3 yang bisa Anda download. Soal Ujian Nasional (UN) bahasa Inggris 2014 di bawah ini kami dapatkan dari situs urip[.]wordpress[.]com. Berikut daftar soal UN silahkan unduh dalam bentuk pdf. Terdapat 10 jenis paket.
Anda bisa juga mendapati soal UN 2014 di situs finanovita[.]blogspot[.]com dan lathifah12[.]blogspot[.]com dalam bentuk postingan yang bisa di-copy paste (bukan PDF).