“Jika anak Adam meninggal, maka amalnya terputus kecuali dari tiga perkara, sedekah jariyah (wakaf), ilmu yang bermanfaat, dan anak shaleh yang berdoa kepadanya.” (HR Muslim).

Sep 9, 2014

Contoh Teks Narrative Beserta Soal dan Jawaban

Contoh Teks Narrative Beserta Soal dan Jawaban            

             One day, a young farm boy named Eragon finds a blue stone while hunting and tries to sell it for money. Unsuccessfully in his attempt, he takes the stone back to his cabin and lets it sit there until it hatches into a beautiful blue dragon. Eragon realizes he can talk to this secret pet dragon with his mind, and eventually learns that he and the dragon are part of a legacy of secret heroes called the riders.
            With the help of Brom, a wise man, Eragon matures into his destiny. The challenges he faces include fighting a long-standing war, helping an ethereal elf and dealing with tragedy and revenge. Certain details, such as Eragon’s revelation that cannot read, develop this rich work and blend together to produce a number of plot twists. The story builds suspense steadily until the end.
            Remarkably, author Cristopher Paolini began writing Eragon at the age of 15. Now 19, he has already established himself as an exciting new creator whose influences include Tolkien, McCaffrey, and others. His word is intricate, his character believable, and his writing engaging.
            Hardcore, fans of fantasy and science fiction novels, will be enchanted by this well crafted fantasy and unquestionably will look forward to this exciting trilogy.
36. How did he Eragon communicate with his pet dragon?
            A. Through his gesture                        B. By his thought
            C. With his own language                   D. With his eyes            E. Through a wise man
37. According to reviewer, the writer of the novel is ……..
            A. an exciting creator                          B. an intricate writer               C. a fantastic man
            D. a believable man                             E. a challenging person
38. We know from the text that the novel is ……
            A. boring                     B. amazing                  C. challenging
            D. frightening                                     E. exaggerating

Sep 8, 2014

Soal Recount Text UN SMA dan Kunci Jawaban

Soal Recount Text UN SMA dan Kunci Jawaban

           Diana was born in 1961 as the third daughter of Edward John Spencer and his wife Ruth Burke Roche. Diana grew up in a very privileged family that had a long history of close ties with the royal family. When Diana’s paternal grandfather passed away in 1975, Diana’s father became the 8th Earl of Spencer and Diana gained the title of “Lady”.
            In 1969, Diana’s parents divorced. Her mother’s affair helped court decide to give custody of the couple’s four children to Diana’s father. Both of her parents eventually remarried, but the divorce left an emotional scar on Diana.
            Diana attended school at West Heath in Kent and spent a short time a finishing school in Switzerland. Although she was not an excellent student academically, her determined personality, caring nature, and cheerful outlook helped her through it. After returning from Switzerland, Diana rented an apartment with two friends, worked with children at the Young England Kindergarten, and watched movies and visited restaurants in her free time.
            It was about this time that Prince Charles, in his early 30, was under increasing pressure to choose a wife. Diana’s vibrancy, cheerfulness, and good family background caught the attention of Prince Charles and the two began dating during in mid-1980. It was a whirlwind romance for on February 24, 1981, Buckingham Palace officially announce the couple’s engagement. At the time, Lady Diana and Prince Charles seemed truly in love and whole world was awed by what seemed like a fairytale romance.

26. How did Diana spend her free time when she was still a bachelorette?
            A. She watched movies                                  B. She finished her school
            C. She worked in restaurant                           D. She returned to Switzerland
            E. She visited her friends near the restaurant
Letak Jawaban: ... and watched movies and visited restaurants in her free time.

27. The custody of the couple’s four children was given to Diana’s father because…….
            A. her outlook was cheerful                            B. her mother had an affair
            C. she determined her personality                  D. she had her very privileged family
            E. her paternal grandfather was dead
Letak Jawaban: Her mother’s affair helped court decide to give custody of the couple’s four children to Diana’s father.

28. How was Diana’ academic achievement?
            A. Super                      B. Average                  C. First rate                 D. Admirable
            E. Exceptional
Letak Jawaban: Although she was not an excellent student academically, ....
Pilihan A, C, D, dan E mempunyai makna yg sama.

Aug 11, 2014

Contoh Soal Announcement Text dan Jawaban: Green Miles West

Contoh Soal Announcement Text dan Jawaban

Soal UN SMA/MA 2013

The following text is for questions 1 and 2.
We are announcing today that we are bringing the California Milestone and Ever Green brands even closer together. Effective December 5, 2012, our official name will be:
Green Miles West
The substitution of “West” in our name replacing “California” is the result of an agreement we reached with California Gardening Association, following a protest over the original use of “California” in our name.
We hope this does not create any confusion among our loyal customers. While this represent a change from our initial name introduction, it does not change the quality of products we offer our customers
1. The company assures its customers that they will always maintain the . . . of their products.
A. price
B. origin
C. quality
D. sale
E. quantity

2. The name “Green Miles West” is . . . .
A. a new name was given to Green Miles California
B. a new name of a merger of two company
C. a new name given from The California Gardening Association
D. a name of a new company that deals with gardening
E. a name given to a company formed by the Gardening Association

Jul 1, 2014

Contoh Soal Announcement Text dan Jawaban-PLN

Contoh Soal Announcement Text dan Jawaban-PLN

Republic of Indonesia
Invitation for Submission of Interest (EOI)
Consulting Service for Project Implementation
Strengthening West Kalimantan Power Card
Referring to our invitation of submission of interest (EOI) which was published in Jakarta Post 4th of July 2012 Edition, we hereby announce that :
1. The deadline for submission of EOI is on August 5th, 2012 to the address below. All firms will be advised of the result of their EOI. Only firms that have been short-listed will be invited to submit a technical proposal. The names and addresses of short-listed firms will be published.
2. Further information from background documents can be obtained at the address given below.
Attention : Chairman of Procurement Consultant Committee
PT. PLN (Persero) Kantor Pusat
Main Building 15th floor
Jl. Trunojoyo 12190, Indonesia
Tel     : 62-21-7251234 ext 1293, 1382
Fax    : 62-21-72277042
Email : ratnasari.sjamsudin@pin.co.id

1. The announcement is released by . . . .
A. PT. PLN (Persero) 
B. Republic of Indonesia
C. The Jakarta Post
D. Procurement Consultant Committee
E. Ratnasari Sjamsuddin

2. Which firms can submit a technical proposal ?
A. Any power plant firms.
B. Big power plant firms
C. The local power plant firms.
D. The Short listed firms. 
E. The Small power plant firms.